Sunday, February 27, 2011

Journal #3

Stefan Sagmeister, Yes Design can make you Happy
In this TED video, Sagmeister made some points about how if you are happy while designing then you will be more successful. Also it is important to get out of the studio and not sit behind a computer all day.

Theo Jansen Creates New Creatures
Theo Jansen created animals that will one day roam and live on the beaches on their own. Each creature has a brain that counts the steps so it knows where it is on the beach. Also there are sensors for when it gets close to the water so it knows to go the opposite direction.

David Kelly Human-Centered Design
Important to include behaviors and personalities in design. This way the person using the product can relate to it and have a better experience while using the product.

How Good is Good? - Stefan Sagmeister
"Commercial Art makes you buy things. Graphic Design gives you ideas"
what makes good design good? is good design for a bad cause bad? Is bad design for a good cause good?
someone needs to benefit from your design.
design can unify, and design can help us remember. Design can even simplify our lives.

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