Sunday, February 13, 2011

Audience Personas

Jennifer is a 19‐year‐old college student who grew up on a ranch in Kansas. She lives in an apartment with two other girls in Colorado Springs where she attends University of Colorado. While growing up, Jennifer spent a lot of time with her cousin. They would reenact wars, and play cowboys and Indians. As they grew older they found entertainment in hunting or just shooting random things. Jennifer now studies wildlife and outdoor enterprise management at the University of Colorado. Classes fill up most of her week, but she strives to find time to spend outdoors.

Carter is a 30‐year‐old industrial designer who spends most of his time working on the newest designs for subway trains in Washington DC. Carter grew up in southern Kansas. He would lifeguard during the summers, and was an Eagle Scout. He spends a lot of his free time watching his many favorite TV shows and browsing the Internet for inspirational websites. Carter has gone on numerous hiking trips in the past, and likes to think of himself and the manliest of all men.

Paul is a 50‐year‐old businessman who works for IBM in Des Moines. At one point he had decided to make a career change, and tried opening a lawn care business, which ended up failing. He then returned to being a sales manager and travels a lot. Paul enjoys the outdoors and likes to go for walks out at the lake near his house. He is married and has two daughters. Paul finds entertainment in watching foreign movies, documentaries, and reading. He drives a rundown Ford F‐150 that he had bought for the lawn care business. One of the tires doesn’t hold air very well, so he frequently has to refill it before driving.

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