Monday, September 6, 2010

Who is Adrian Frutiger?

Adrian Frutiger is a type designer. He has produced some of the most well-known and used typefaces. In all Frutiger has developed more than one hundred and seventy typefaces, including the typeface Univers. Frutiger was born in 1928 in Interlaken, Switzerland and at age 16 he started working as a printer’s apprentice. He then moved to Zurich and studied at the Zurich School of Arts and Crafts. After his schooling he moved to Paris and started to work at the Deberny & Peignot type foundry. At the same time he started to design his own typefaces. Then as a freelance typographer Frutiger designed logos, fonts, and the corporate image of numerous companies. In 1957 he developed the font Univers, one of the most commonly used standard typefaces. In 1969 he developed the Frutiger typeface for the sign system at the Charles de Gaulle, the Paris airport. This typeface was known for its readability because it is so clear, and it is now used for motorway signs in both France and Switzerland. Frutiger also taught typography and illustration at École Estienne and the École Nationale Superieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. He then returned to Switzerland after several years of teaching and worked with woodcuts.

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