Sunday, August 29, 2010

Typography 1... more definitions

Alphabet Variation
Weight: The width of the letter stroke.
Width: Typestyles can include character widths which can come in condensed or extended. This causes the type to look wider or skinnier.
Style: Design variations in the typeface.

Measuring Type
How is type measured in inches, mm, points or picas?
It is measured in points and picas.
Point: Measures the height of the typeface from top of the ascender to the descender.
Pica: Used to measure width. (ex. the width of a typeset column, or length of line)
How many points are in an inch?
72 points
If a letter is set in 36 pts about how many inches tall is it?
About half an inch
How many picas are in an inch?
6 picas
How many points are in a pica?
12 points
X-Height: The height of the main body of the lowercase letter (or the height of a lowercase x ). Does not include the letter's ascenders and descenders.
Cap Height: The distance from the top of the capital letter to its bottom.

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